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Roofing and Tiling:
Slated, Tiled and Flat Rooves:

Whatever the kind of roof, we can help with minor repairs and renovations or re-tile the whole thing, even a complete new roof. We've worked with slate rooves, tiled rooves, warm rooves using breather felt or slaters felt and rooves battened with treated batons to suit rafter centres.

When working with flat roofing, we recommend three layers of top quality felt, finishing each roof with green mineral flashings and 6mm white spar chippings or a green mineral finish. Re-boarding with 2400 x 1200 x 19mm ply board if required.

Over time lead work / flashing and pointing can deteriorate, allowing water to enter the roof. The remedy is to remove existing old lead and damaged pointing and replace new mortar and new coded lead.