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Hard Plaster (a sand and cement render coat with a smooth plaster finish) or dry lining (a plasterboard finish). Hard plaster requires one, sometimes two, coats of sand and cement render with a finishing coat of smooth plaster.

Traditional Ceilings:

Plastered or "set" ceilings are jointed with a silk scrim and then finished with a thin coat of smooth plaster. This is applied by a hand held trowel. Decorative mouldings or covings are put up afterwards.

Remove the existing damaged ceiling and replace with plasterboard 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm. Fitting plasterboard to your existing ceiling joists, taping edges and joints. Plaster ceiling and finish plaster and paint with 2 coaats of paint.

On older types of property, some plaster work around the tops of the wall areas may come away with damage to the ceiling which will need to be replastered and decorated. Astra Constructions will advise on this possibility on the site survey prior to repairs.

Floor Screed:

A screed can be mixed on site from sharp sand and cement. Screeds that are bonded directly onto an oversight or concrete base can be as thin as 50mm. Those that are laid on top of insulation have to have a minimum thickness of 65mm. Screed garage floors have to have reinforcement with mesh in them.


Rendering is normally carried out with a one or two, occasionally three, coat render of sand and cement. For a smooth finish, the final coat is rubbed up with a float or trowel.