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Guttering and Fascias:

We repair and replace damp and rotten timbers or simply modernise old rooflines with low maintenance UPVC. All types of fascias and cladding supplied in wood or UPVC to suit your requirments.

The installation will include the removal/replacement of any rotten timbers and where necessary the treating of timbers with wood preservatives. It also included the fitting of vented soffit boards, ensuring a ventilation facilitiy to allow air to circulate, thus inhibiting damp. We will also ensure no water penetration to the new roofline by re-cementing gable-ends and edges where necessary and removing rotten roof felting edges.


All guttering wil be fitted as detailed:

Facia brackets on square and rounded guttering on straight gutter runs will be spaced out at a maximum of 1000mm and 800mm apart for industrial guttering.

Angles and stop ends will have a fascia bracket within 150mm of the fittiing. Support pipe clips will be used on shoes branches and offset bends to prevent down pipe slippage. Down pipes will be fixed t 1000mm centres.